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In October 2021, the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (@CommonsEAC)1, wrote:

The Government is aiming for 2 million green jobs by 2030 [and] the green skills pipeline will determine both the number and types of UK green jobs which can be produced. We need to ensure we are training our current and future workforce now for the careers and demands of the future economy, and make climate and environmental literacy a priority across all education and training. Environmental sustainability should be embedded across all National Curriculum and A Level courses, and a module on sustainability included in every apprenticeship and T Level course.

The Green Edge was launched in December 2021 in response to this, as a newsletter that investigates and writes about the skills that people in all walks of life will need for the Green Economy and Net Zero.

The Green Edge is aimed at audiences of teachers, education developers, training providers and anyone else involved in green skills discovery and development. Its mission is to build a library of useful artefacts - newsletter articles, conversations, opinion pieces and analysis - focusing at all times on the development, application and relevance of green skills.

Knowledge contributors to The Green Edge are people at the leading edges of green skills discovery and development. These include universities, skills and technology researchers, and employers.

The Green Edge is provided free to subscribers. The costs of upkeep and development are covered by a small number of sponsors, who are invited to be part of the Green Edge Advisory Group and are guaranteed representation in a fixed number of posts during their sponsorship period. Please contact The Green Edge if you are interested in becoming a Green Edge sponsor.

We look forward to meeting you on The Green Edge.

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Fraser Harper for Blue Mirror Insights, authors of The Green Edge.


House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, HC 75, 25 October 2021.

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